3 Brilliant Tips On Accomplishment

3 Outstanding Tips On Accomplishment From Rick Morsovillo

Everyone has their own strengths that define and underlie the story of our lives. Fortunately, one of my strengths is the ability to accomplish tasks. If you this is not a strength of yours, don’t worry, we all cannot be great at everything. For you, this blog could be the start of a great journey down self improvement. Here are a few tips on accomplishment and to seeing an idea through that has been very helpful for me in getting things done.

Rick Morsovillo’s Tip on Accomplishment #1: Keep the Vision Clear

Whether you are launching a new business unit or working on some project management, it is important that you maintain focus on your end goal. This needs to be the lens that you look through when making decisions. For example, to make a goal in hockey, I must make decisions on the ice that gets me closer to the net, not further away.

Rick Morsovillo’s Tip on Accomplishment #2: Qualify the Advice-Giver.

Everyone is entitled to having their own opinion, but that does not mean that their advice is warranted. When in a team environment, their opinion may not be what is best for the group at large. I have noticed that a lot of people desire advice and then feel obligated to act upon the advice they were given. However, advice givers, may offer advice for a variety of reasons: to be helpful, out of concern, and sometimes to be self-service. For example, as a hockey coach, I want my team to be as successful as possible. Throughout the season I receive a lot of advice about which players should get the most ice time. As the leader, it is my responsibility to assess the advice as much as the individual speaking them. From there, I have to decide whether it will help me or my team accomplish the goal. Then I have to act upon my decision.

Rick Morsovillo’s Tip On Accomplishment #3: Celebrate!

What good is accomplishment without the recognition for the deed? It can be something as simple as a private pat on your own back or an elaborate party. Regardless, never understand the motivational power and influence of celebration in regards to accomplishment.

In the end, it is ultimately the sense of accomplishment; that feeling of completed something, that keeps me motivated to accomplish more. So, for those of you who wish to grow in this area, I leave you this final thought: “Practice makes perfect.”

I hope you found these tips to be helpful. Again, my name is Rick Morsovillo and thanks again for taking the time to read my blog.

If you would like to read more on Rick Morsovillo, do not forget to visit his personal site!

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