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BigPxl Digital MarketingBigPxl Digital Marketing: Simple. Leading. Marketing Solutions

BigPxl Digital Marketing is an industry leading, full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in solutions for your business or brand. People are online every day trying to find products, services, and solutions. BigPxl works hard to leverage a brand’s visibility and provide opportunities for their customers to easily find them and their products/services. Unfortunately, good ideas are not enough. With BigPxl’s collaborative teamwork, they design leading solutions and marketing success. BigPxl is passionate about partnering with their clients to create connections with new and returning customers. Additionally, BigPxl desires to educate their clients and keep them informed on best internet practices. BigPxl adheres to strictly monitored performance benchmarks to provide the highest quality services that their customers enjoy

The BigPxl Digital Marketing Process

BigPxl believes in and lives by a simple six-step process, which they proudly PREACH it to all of their customers.

P – Plan

Every great marketing campaign is strategically orchestrated.  During the planning phase BigPxl works very closely with their clients to make sure they are aiming at the correct target that accomplishes their marketing objectives.

R – Reach

No campaign is complete without reaching the target market. BigPxl adheres to the plan to ensure that they are focused on reaching the most profitable customers for their clients.

E – Engage

BigPxl creates compelling ads with proven and effective calls-to-action that foster customer engagement. During this phase, BigPxl leverages the most effective tools available to make sure that their client’s businesses are presented in the best light when it becomes purchase time.

A – Action

No campaign is proven successful without persuading site visitors to take the desired action. The desired action stems from the plan and can be anything from nurturing social media influence, submitting lead information, or purchasing a product.

C – Convert

BigPxl partners with their clients to define the conversion process, set goals, and improve business profitability through measurable moments of success. BigPxl then implements the best strategies to increase conversion rate and reduce the cost per conversion for their clients.

H – Help

The BigPxl process is designed to help their clients connect with their customers and potential customers. BigPxl offers fully customized solutions that include follow-up strategies which strengthen the relationship between their clients and their customers.

By following this process, BigPxl’s clients are able to convert prospects into customers and returning customers. BigPxl is proud of the work they do, and their customers are too. If you are looking for profitable solutions for your business give BigPxl a call at (855) 265-0899 or visit the BigPxl Digital Marketing website.

BigPxl Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency owned BigPxl LLC and is operated in-part by Rick Morsovillo.